SMITH (Smart Medical Information Technology for Health Care) is a consortium consisting of the three medical universities Aachen, Jena and Leipzig. The goal is to establish an integrative medical informatics framework to deal with the increasing amount of data in healthcare. This will provide physicians with the best available data and knowledge and will enable an innovative use of healthcare data for research and treatment optimization. To support use cases and other data-sharing projects, three data integration centers will be established. These centers allow institutional- and cross-location sharing of electronic health data from the medical treatment and patient-oriented research. The needed technical interoperability infrastructure will be built together with a consortium of commercial partners (SAP, März, Tiani, Cisco).

As demand for Intensive Care Medicine increases within the next 10-15 years, there will be a shortage of staff resources and an increase of epidemiological challenges in Germany. The clinical use case ASIC is an intelligent solution for these problems.
ASIC is the algorithmic surveillance of critical care patients in intensive care units (ICU). Based on a longitudinal PDMS data-based, model-driven alert system, ASIC allows a targeted real-time early warning system that predicts the onset of a particular organ dysfunction in individual patients. This will help to accelerate correct diagnosis and improve therapy of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Our Contribution
In this project, we are responsible for developing the mobile and web-based applications that provide real-time clinical data and SMITH insights to the enduser – the medical professionals. To this end, we are developing both frontend (the user interfaces) and backend (the real-time data communication server) with interfaces to data-processing submodules provided by different partners of the consortium.