Fall Detector

The goal of this project is the development of a mobile application for fall detection to be integrated in an early diagnostic by paramedics. As an example, if a skier falls, our application detect this fall and collects information on the fall and following physiological parameters. Once the paramedics arrive, they can use their own smart phones to read the information via bluetooth.

In this work, several different sensors like accelerometer and heart-beat sensors can be connected to one central device running the application. Accelerometer data is used to detect falls. Once a fall is detected, connectivity is established by optionally sending an emergency signal (e.g., a text message with GPS) and starting a bluetooth-server that allows a client app to download and display all health-related data. Additionally, health data is collected from all sensors (e.g., blood pressure, ECG, other connected sensors) and may be further processed to gain more information on the accident. For example., accelerometer data can be used to calculate directionality and intensity of an impact to estimate possible injuries.

The application will be deployed on an android system embedded in skiing goggles. While the app is initially designed for sports injuries, it could also be extended to other domains.