Our Core Values



We can pursue our work in the way it fits to ourselves
to unfold our potentials to the fullest. We encourage
creativity and give leeway for ideas, as long as it
does not compromise teamwork, fairness or other
global interests. Thus, we are tolerant towards all
persons, independent of gender, ethnicity or religion.


Our research is guided by rules of Good Scientific
Practice. Risks and missing quality have to be
addressed frankly. If a mistake happens, we are
communicating it honestly so we can learn from it.
Experience from errors, constructive criticism and
ideas for improvements can only enhance our
products and lead to a higher quality in general.


We are respecting and friendly our colleagues and
guests. Constructive criticism, ideas and opinions do
also require our respect. Appreciation and
recognition are equally important for a polite and
respectful work environment.


We are actively sharing knowledge and providing
information to our colleagues. This yields for
professional information, such as ideas, insights and
progress, as well as details regarding the work
environment like sick days, holidays, new employees
or project partners.