About us

csm_130402-uka-0404_54_9001e0d309The focus of our mHealth division is the research of mobile support in health services using novel body sensors, smartphones, and wearable and implantable technology. The ubiquitous availability of mobile devices will change medicine over the next decades. We will help to move medical expertise and sophisticated diagnostic tools from clinical facilities into the hands of experts as well as lay people, simplifying the access to healthcare and health-related information. The new techniques and applications will not only change developed countries, but we are especially aiming at remote settings and austere environments in third world countries, which do not have medical infrastructure and will therefore benefit most from mHealth. As an example, we have developed a smartphone-based application in cooperation with the Yale School of Medicine to evaluate the outcome of a urine test using only the build-in camera.

Important for our group are not only technical solutions for telemedicine, health monitoring, remote diagnostic or human supervision and coordination, but also the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI).

Head of Research Department: Dr. rer. medic. Stephan Jonas